The best laid plans

Well…the best laid plans of mice and men, something, something, something! Or it really could be that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but that feels just a tad too pessemistic for this situation. I’m going to plumb for having perpetrated a case of over-optimism upon myself in the face of all […]

You want to be a writer?

So you want to be a writer? How’s that going to work? Well hang on a minute. I am a writer. I’m a person and I write. I don’t earn a living from writing…yet! But I will. Meanwhile, how do I manage to dedicate more hours of the day to writing and creating my masterpieces […]

What’s the point? (is it babies?)

Well, I’ve had a glass of wine. More than one in fact and jolly delicious they were too. They didn’t do much to improve my cognitive abilities, but, as it turned out, there wasn’t much thinking required to answer the question I’d set for myself last week. ‘What is the point of me?’ Easy. There […]

Volume Two – poetry alert!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Or something of that ilk. I’m pleased to announce that my second poetry collection is now published and available for your delight and delectation on Amazon. I look forward to getting your feedback…..I do…………it’ll stroke my tattered ego…..