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About Me

I’m a writer. I write. And I do other stuff too.

Here’s a sketch of what’s happened to me so far.

Early Years

I was very young at the time and it’s all a bit vague. Ice cream figured quite heavily.  Playing outside – we had a quarry nearby. What? We all survived. As soon as I learnt to read that’s what I did. A lot. Oh, and imagining, and talking. I’m good at that.

Early Middle Years

Puberty. Dancing. Boys. Went bonkers. Nervous breakdown at 18. That’s a whole book waiting to be written. Spoiler alert – I survived. Ha! didn’t go to college, went slightly off the rails. First job. Read a hundred, million books. Wrote some poems. They were really bad.

Middle Years

Left home. Left planet normal. Party. Oh yes, did quite a lot of that. Moved around the country  a lot. Restless was my middle name. So was alcohol, dancing, weirdness and having a good time. A good time was had. Along the way managed to get a B.A.(Hons), grew up a bit and decided that was quite enough education. Came to the south coast for a holiday and never left.

Later Middle Years

Underlying it all I had not a clue what I was doing. The accelerator was stuck to the floor but it wasn’t me driving! Met my rock’n’roll bass playing husband. Partied hard. Serious fun was had. Serious stress was had. He was diagnosed with death. Pah. He survived.  I realised one day I didn’t know who I was. That was a fun time.

Getting Control

Started getting it together when I couldn’t stand listening to myself speak or think anymore.  Write, write, cry, write. Learn, practice, write. Because that’s what I do.

Present times

The sun has come out, I have a plan,  l’m at peace with who I am. Love, live, listen. Back with the blog because the words have got to have somewhere to live. 

Stylised picture of Cathie Tufnail, hair piled on top of her head, smiling broadly.