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Being Alone

And now being alone causes infinite sorrow,
A ponderous torture known only to one;
Destroying her mind and corrupting her thinking
The joy of her happier life has all gone.

Because double edged silences cut in her daydreams,
A mouthful of whisky, she screams at the one,
At the memory of days when she should have known better;
But that’s far behind her, the damage is done.

Now she’s caught in a trap she created with cruelty,
Discarding her friends, living only for one,
Being stronger than all whilst inside she was crumbling;
Being needed so much…now the tears start to run.

For the love she destroyed with her stupid insistence,
‘It doesn’t mean anything, you’re not the one.
I can live without needing that one special person.’
She was wrong, still she needs him;
The pain carries on.
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