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Betrayal – A poem

A beautiful woman with a red jewel decorating her forehead, red tribal markings on her cheek and crystal blue eyes stares at the reader with sadness and acceptance at her betrayal.
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She smiling said,
Is not the colour I most dread.

And staring down into my face,
She smiled with killers eyes.

Far worse than that
Is ruby red,
That shade I really do despise.

And staring up into my doom,
I knew my time was done.
She’d found me out,
My sapphic lover,
Tortured for her fun.

Or so my blasted brother tells me,
As he holds me,
As I die.

I wonder why he hates me?
I wonder why he lied?
I wish she’d maybe loved me.
I wonder how she died…

In red,
And leaking death,
My blood blooms scarlet on her breath.

Now Die betrayer,
Calm she smiles,
Her vengeance full of glee,
Your body dead, the vultures claim,
Your soul, belongs to me.

© Cathie Tufnail

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