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Business show – A poem

Business Show - An overhead shot of a business expo showing stands and be-suited people milling around.
image sourced from Pixabay (CCO)

Business Show

There’s got to be a better way
Of earning cash than this!
A three hour drive, at half past five
Is just taking the piss.
Now here we are, we’ve manned our stand,
Well womaned actually,
And nailed our perfect smiles on
‘Cause we’re here ’til half past three.

Oh there’s got to be a better way
Of getting through the day,
Outside the sun is shining
And my life’s slipping away.
If another bleedin’ sales man
Stops and asks us what we do
They’ll be picking up their teeth
And I’ll be swearing in the loo!’

There’s got to be a better way
Of bringing in the bread,
Another year of doing this….
I wish that I was dead!
When will that winning ticket
Find it’s way into my grasp?
A million quid would do it,
My escape, at last, AT LAST!!

© Cathie Tufnail

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Business expo – hell on earth!
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