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Cinderella’s Rockefeller – A poem

Cinderella's Rockefeller - a handsome steampunk gent all dressed in black and red.

Cinderella’s Rockefeller

You were my Cinderella’s Rockefeller,
Pockets full of fancies,
With smiling eyes that hypnotised,
That hurricane advances.

More villainous than Herod,
Dealing dreams instead of flesh..
I thought I’d found my everything,
My heartfelt dearest wish.

But streaming vapours
Hid the truth, the face I couldn’t see,
’twas no glass slipper in your hand,
Your love was not for me.

A villain not my saviour,
A scoundral through and through,
You took my love, my everything,
Now all that’s left is you.

There’s a hurricane raging in my brain,
It’s all that’s left of me,
Until you find another fool,
Then death will set me free.

©Cathie Tufnail

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