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Don’t upset the chef – A poem

Don't upset the chef - A set of antique, rusty large kitchen cleavers hang on a white wall to remind us all -
image sourced from Pixabay (CCO)

Don’t upset the chef

Chef. Don’t say we didn’t warn you,
Please don’t claim it isn’t so,
You were caught on hidden camera
And you really have to go.

You were fiddling with his starters,
You were spitting in his soup,
What you did to his spaghetti
Made the Health Inspector puke.

Really! Just what were you thinking,
When you dropped that in the pan,
And did you think we wouldn’t noticed
What you rubbed over the ham?

Not that anyone here blames you
Now we’ve found out what he’s done
But we really can’t ignore the fact
You nearly killed his son.

Yes, perhaps the arsenic in the cream
Was not a good idea
Next time, better check who’s eating what,
Before you interfere.

And we’ll have those knives back thank you,
And that bag of you know what
And we’d recommend you leave right now
Before he has you shot.

© Cathie Tufnail

When you’re a chef, working for a man who thinks he can whatever he wants to whomever her wants…and you’ve had the dirty done to you, the temptation to take revenge must be overpowering. This poem, Don’t upset the Chef’ is all about what happens when you don’t think the plan through!

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