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Don’t waste it, want it

Oh, it’s a fascinating state.
It can happen to any of us, at any time,
Focus in on any subject,
Cause staggering amounts of dread despair or deep, deep joy.
But how can mere chemical interaction breed super massive want/attraction?
Making nonesense out of sense;
Obsessive fascination beyond explanation.
What’s it for?
Evolution, smeevolution.

Somewhere between the snake and the apple…desire happened.
So its a perk of being a human being.
Wanting, aspiring, desiring.
It’s not weakness, it’s experience.
It gives us more that it takes from us.

So why not;
Give in to it I mean.
Don’t fight it, embrace it!
(unless it involves corpses or some such.
I’m pretty sure that’s not desire,
that’s a whole other word!)
Life’s a blast, but it doesn’t last.
Take it, squeeze it, feel it.
Don’t waste it, want it!!
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