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Kill you with Kindness – a poem

A beautiful woman hold a bloody knife behind her back, after she didn't kill with kindness
Image sourced from Pixabay (COO)

Kill you with Kindness

I don’t want to kill you with kindness,
I’d rather use poison instead,
Or a gun or a knife would be almost as nice,
Just as long as you ended up dead!

No, I don’t want to kill you with kindness,
But I might use an axe in your head,
Just as long as it’s painful and lasting,
Just as long as it’s fatal and red.

So beware when you next see me smiling,
Don’t believe that you’re safe in your bed,
It’s a trick of the light,
You won’t run, you can’t fight,
In the morning my love, you’ll be dead!

© Cathie Tufnail

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