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Left Handed People – A poem

A beautiful woman with red eyes stares out in front of a flaming building - left handed people
Image sourced from Pixabay (CCO)

Left Handed People

Now, some people will tell you we lefties are cursed,
That the devil’s his hand on our soul,
That’s some catholic junk I can promise you that,
Yes, my self, and my brain, are quite whole.

So…I hold my scissors upside down,
Well maybe I don’t care,
You right hand users ain’t all that,
Left handers, we are everywhere.

We’re creative, artistic,
Musicians and poets,
Okay, so we’re different,
Believe me, we know it!

Our right brain is firing,
We’ve something to say,
And we’ll do it all right,
In a left handed way.

We’re pretty amazing,
There’s nowt we can’t do.
So watch out for lefties,
’cause we’re watching you.

Yes righties, be careful, be vigilant, beware;
Us sinister people are everywhere…..

©Cathie Tufnail 

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