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What does loneliness sound like?
Like the weight of a heavy heart stroking the silence
and hoping for a sound.
Deny the empty space between, stare into the void and stand firm.
A soul is a soul and deserves to be seen,
Not hidden by a silent scream.
Do your bit to stamp out loneliness, smile at someone who needs it and listen out for the silent hellos.
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  1. I’d be very happy to smile at you any time you like.
    Thank you for coming over and leaving a comment at my blog.
    Sorry, I don’t twitter but I blog. A lot.

    Congratulations on joining the noisy world of the blogosphere where nobody stays lonely for long.
    Good luck and keep at it. I shall now scroll down and see what else there is.

  2. Love this, so brilliant. Always amazes me how one can be lonely when surrounded by people, a smile can be the difference between hope and despair!


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