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Succubus – A poem

Succubus - a naked woman with golden skin arches her back against a backdrop of gold powder
Image used was sourced from Pixabay


Come tip-toe through my petaled mind
And show me how you’ll please,
I’ll raise a thought that seeds a storm
And brings a planet to its knees.

Now dream your dreamscape, write it large,
And drive the lights away,
Undo the stays that hold the world
And bring my succubus to play.

Your strength I take, through lips and lust
Your cries all petered out,
Now all you are is mine to hold
Your soul, a dying shout.

You tiptoed through my seeping mind
And that was your mistake,
For all your love was mine to steal
And what I want, I take.

©Cathie Tufnail

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