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Summer Blue – A poem

Summer Blue, A beautiful women with startling blue eyes looks directly at us
photographers website —

Summer Blue

Summer blue is in my eyes.
No longer all wolf
I smile,
Sharp teeth glistening
In the afternoon glow.

It’s strange
To be outside
In this daylight hour,
Mostly human,
And unafraid.
A silent howl escapes my lips
As I smile.
The curse is breaking,
I can feel it.

Summer blue is in my eyes.
Kiss me,
I have a gift,
And it’s for sharing.

©Cathie Tufnail

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Note: I found the image used above online a couple of years ago. I didn’t make a note of the source but amazingly Google has just told me that the model is called Valentina Kolesnikova, photo taken by Dmitry Grechin. I trust the universe will point them to this poem at some point so they can take the credit for the words their beautiful image inspired.

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