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Swim Harder Little Fish – A poem

Image sourced from Pixabay (CCO)

Swim Harder Little Fish

I came upon that still, empty, space inside me again today.
Strange, when all around it is shaking and tears.

Perhaps it’s true that there’s a cold fish lurking inside,
Swimming in the limpid, emotional waters
That wash through
All the day to day peaks and troughs.

Deep down,
Deeper than doubt,
Deeper than love,
Deeper than everything.

Cold and still.

Here little fishy.
Wrap me up inside your cool flesh.

Protect me from the helpless heat of feelings and thoughts I can’t express.
Swallow up all the bits of me that prick and smart.

But what will I be then?
No more a victim, a wanter, a fickle sweet hurter.

Do we become what we’re told we are,
Or are we already there?

When the voice inside is drowned by the bellowing of others, what then?
Swim harder little fish.

Bring me to the empty place inside and let me heal.

©Cathie Tufnail

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