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The isolated man – A poem

The Isolated Man is a silver and blue mechanical man kneeling, arms supine and empty before him, head bowed, sadness in every limb.
image sourced from Pixabay (CCO)

The Isolated Man

I am the Isolated Man,
Smothered by the empty air that fills my mouth,
Burning me as I move by.

I am the Isolated Man,
Ignored in public places;
Unseen again by the shining eyed hyena people.

Was I ever one of them?

My suit of sorrows wears me down,
The price to join them,
Too high.
Too high.

I am the Isolated Man,
Wheeling through the empty spaces.
There’s still time to see me,
If you look,
If you dare.

© Cathie Tufnail

The Isolated Man is a poem about being invisible in public places, about refusing to be a rat in the race and the price you pay for that rebellion.

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