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Watching Aliens by The Green Flare

The world of words, I’ve been absent for a while… The Green Flare is holding the fort, as usual. Thank you Green Flare!


Aliens watch from another world,
to them the human seems  absurd,
Work by day like programmed drones,
Then rush back to box like homes.
Just time to eat and watch the news,
Which Alien sees informs their views.

Fear, fear, fear.

Mad paper chase it is for you?
Just numbers on a balance sheet,
Pays the rent and lets you eat.
You dare not get off of the train.
You must pursue a life of gain,
Even though it gives such pain.

Aliens watch from another planet.
Laughing at the way we planned it,
But for Earth they do not care,
Just the minerals laying there.

Bastard Aliens.

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