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What Dreams May Become

The Green Flare, has, as usual, saved the day! Laid low by nuclear cold germs the most I’ve managed to do this week is blow my nose and feel sorry for myself! 

The Green Flare on the other hand has produced the usual level of brilliance in today’s submission called ‘What Dreams May Become’.

Thanks GF!!


I read today
They’ve found a way
To get into our dreams.

They’ve succeeded with rats.
Next it’s the cats.
Oh my, what terrible scenes.

Upon us they’ll creep.
Interfere with our sleep.
Inserting their mind fuck nice and deep.

Neuro-Surgeon in rubber gloves,
Will steal upon the nodding doves,
And plunge his fingers in our brain,
We’ll never ever be the same;
When they steer us with their dreams.

Black market funny?
Show the money!
Anything can be had.
Want to get right out of your head?
Step on up and plug on in.
All leave here with drooling grin.

Far better that, an idiots song,
Than to bear the truth of what we’d become.

When they can stick their fingers in my head,
I tell you true, much rather dead.

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  1. A link to this poem can now be found at edge of frog

    • Cathie Cathie

      Thanks Rick, the Green Flare is delighted!

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