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What if? – A poem

What if? A magical woman contemplates a world without mystery or magical creatures. She is surrounded by stars
Image sourced from werner22brigitte on Pixabay

What If?

If pixie dust was outlawed,
And the mushroom circles tolled,
If garden gnomes were banished,
And the fairies gardens sold.

If unicorns were bridled,
And the hidden doorways barred,
If men like you could have your way,
What else would you discard?

If banshees all were silenced,
And the vampires laid on ice,
If all the werewolves claws were clipped down,
Would you really pay the price?

If all the magics of our land,
Could truly be confined,
If all the mysteries were lost,
I’ll tell what you’ll find,

An empty place inside yourself,
With nothing left to give,
So just you think on something else,
And let the wild things live.

©Cathie Tufnail

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