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You Say It by The Green Flare

The Green Flare is back, rockin in on words of cool rhythm and pace, I sang it as I read it for the first time. I hope you do too. Go Green Flare!!

You Say It

Its not exactly what you say,
It’s in the way you say it.
I prick right up when you speak to me,
I love you lay your voice on me.

It comes from a sensitive intellect,
The hidden notes I do detect,
Quickening when the speech direct,
Wraps itself round me.

It’s not exactly what you say,
It rides rich in your inflection.
It makes me smile and sit up straight,
Welling with affection.

I love it when we talk like this,
With eyes and ears and mouth.
Not often do we get the chance,
to engage in mutual mental dance….

I love the way you say it.

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  1. Is it you who wrote this poetry.?
    I like the way you wrote it..

    • Cathie Cathie

      Hi Eckhart, No I didn’t write this piece. The Green Flare is a separate and unique entity. They’ll be pleased with your kind words I’m sure! Take care, Cathie

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